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solutions for cellulosic ethanol and sugar producers

Enzyme Solutions for Cellulosic Ethanol & Sugar Producers

DuPont is committed to helping the cellulosic industry succeed. Our enzyme solutions make the commercial production of cellulosic ethanol and cellulosic sugars a reality. This includes supply and service options that fit the unique needs of each business model, geography and technology.

Around the world, Accellerase® enzyme technology comes with a deep resource of expertise for the entire value chain: from farm to fuel, and from feedstock to biochemical production. We work with our partners in different ways to create supply arrangements and service packages that fit these partnerships. 

In every case, our enzyme offerings are backed by our DuPont scientists, applications specialists and engineers - as well as our shared commitment to the commercialization of cellulosic ethanol and cellulosic sugars.

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Meet the new generation of leaders who are collaborating across boundries to make the cellulosic economy reality.