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Accellerase® Lab Panel

Accellerase® offers select research and development organizations a package of leading-edge accessory enzymes engineered to give biofuel innovators the tools to develop their own cellulosic processing technologies at bench scale.

Download the product literature of each accessory enzyme for details about optimal performance conditions. 

Accessory enzymes boost specific activities during process development work. They are best used in combination with a whole cellulase enzyme complex.

Accellerase® BG delivers beta-glucosidase to achieve high glucan conversion. It converts cellobiose into the fermentable mono-saccharide glucose. 

Accellerase® XC improves both xylan and glucan conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable monosaccharides.

Accellerase® XY is a hemicellulase enzyme mixture that supplements whole cellulases activity. It improves polysaccharide conversions in a variety of feedstocks for potentially higher yields of ethanol.

Download scientific product literature

Accellerase® BG  ►
PDF | 320KB

Accellerase® XC  ►
 PDF | 307KB

Accellerase® XY  ►
PDF | 282KB