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Accellerase® 1500

Accellerase® 1500 breaks down cellulose to fermentable glucose. With strong cellulase and beta-glucosidase activities, it unlocks C6 sugars from a range of pretreated biomass, including municipal solid waste, corn stover, sugar cane bagasse, paper pulp and wheat straw. 

Accellerase® 1500 was the first commercially produced enzyme mixture for lignocellulosic hydrolysis. It delivers targeted performance without inhibiting fermentation organisms.  

For more information about storing, handling and applying Accellerase® 1500 to a cellulosic process, download the product literature.


To discuss commercial supply of Accellerase® 1500, contact a member of our business development team

Download scientific product literature

Accellerase® 1500 ►

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