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biomass enzymes to convert c5 and c6 sugars

Accellerase® Biomass Enzymes to Unlock C5 & C6 Sugars

Our biomass enzyme solutions convert pretreated biomass into sugars for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. When paired with a pretreatment, theses enzymes break down the chemical bonds in lignocellulosic material to produce C5 and C6 sugars that can be fermented to produce ethanol or processed to produce bioplastics or other high-value chemicals. 

DuPont develops cellulase mixtures and accessory enzymes that fit the needs of your unique process configuration. Explore the technology leaders of specific Accellerase® enzyme mixtures below:

Technology scale-up in this industry requires as much certainty as possible. DuPont offers two enzyme complexes ready for commercial testing and scale up:

Accellerase® TRIO
Unique enzyme mixture unlocks 70-90% of available sugars in biomass 

Accellerase® 1500
Cellulase enzyme mixture for converting biomass to glucan and other sugars

Ready to scale up?

DuPont’s lab panel of enzymes provide all the activities necessary for research labs to test diverse feedstocks, develop treatment processes and build know-how for cellulosic ethanol and sugar production.

Accellerase® 1500
Cellulase enzyme mixture for converting biomass to glucan and other sugars

Lab Panel
Accellerase® accessory enzymes BG, XC and XY give innovators the tools to tailor their own processes


Feedstock flexible.  Our enzymes unlock sugars from a range of lignocellulosic materials including wheat straw, corn stover, sugarcane bagasse, switch grass, paper pulp and dozens more.

Pre-treatment adaptable.  Accellerase® works with a variety of pretreatment technologies and configurations including dilute acid, ammonia fiber expansion, steam explosion and combined processes.

Inhibitor tolerant. Our enzymes maintain robust performance throughout an extended saccharification process.