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Ethanol from Bagasse: Accellerase® to share insights about the cellulosic industry at World Bio Markets Brazil

UPCOMING EVENT: World Bio Markets Brazil
September 17-18 | Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marcelo Borges, director for business development, will join ethanol leaders in Sao Paulo to discuss Brazil’s leap from sugarcane ethanol to cellulosic. With Brazilian demand for ethanol projected to double by 2020, how can sugarmills expand their production to include material such as bagasse or cane straw?

During a panel discussion, Marcelo will discuss the advantages of producing cellulosic sugars and ethanol in Brazil and the technologies that will enable breakthrough growth in the region.

Click here to learn more about the conference or to register.

Note: Marcelo Borges is presenting at WBM Brazil in place of Floris Luger.